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Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Few, We Happy Few...

As many of you may have heard, Megaupload, the main source of these goddamn videos, has been seized and shutdown by U.S. officials. In light of this, the future of Goddamn Kids has yet to be decided.

When I decided to set up Goddamn Kids, I did so with the intent to spread my love of Adventure Time to all those who may not have access or exposure to the show. A huge fan of the original pilot, I was ecstatic to hear that it was being picked up several years later as a program, and I wasn't disappointed as they rolled out episode after fantastic episode, chock full of the same chaos, passion, and sincerity that made the pilot so wonderful. Even so, few people knew of it, and so I spread the word in both the digital and physical realms, watched and listened, and slowly but surely the view count grew, the name slipping into conversations I would overhear in the street. I have had a unique view into the growth of this show, and for that I am thankful.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you, my goddamn viewers, especially the goddamn members. YOU are the reason I post these videos, and I hope you have enjoyed - and will continue to enjoy - them as much as I have.

The internet is a strange and wonderful place, and ingrained as it is in our cultures and societies, we must remember it is still young. A surly teenage internet maelstrom, we have seen it topple governments, cradle the distressed, and influence the world in ways a person thirty years ago could not imagine. There are those that wish to see it chained and controlled, so I implore you to fight for internet neutrality, and help keep the internet the open blossom of digital humanity it is.

Que Sera, Sera.

Your Flippered Friend,

Uncle Tusky
( :3=


  1. Uncle Tusky.

    I first discovered Adventure time back in my freshers' week at Kent university back in last september. a friend showed me part of The Doors episode on their ipod; and i asked them to remind me about it the next day...i then met my now close friends, who as i, love Adventure Time from the deepest depths of our souls- and thats when i was shown Goddamn Kids.

    You, sir, are a hero. without Goddamn kids i do not kow what i would have done to feed my Adventure Time cravings. Its made my evenings more than complete many a times. I even got an Adventure Time T shirt this christmas after your site made me realise how epic this show is.

    And so my friend, i thank you, and i prayer, prayer to God, that this is not the end of your humble and heroic site. thank you for everything.

    yours Truly, Adam Strudwick.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=27RVJJfny4I#t=17s

    That is all.

  3. Dear Uncle Tusky,

    When I read this message I screamed into the air in real life. This website brought me into the world of adventure time. Me, my sister, and my brother have started a ritual of watching a few episodes before bedtime so we can have nice dreams. I got a can of beans for Christmas this year because I quoted Lumpy Space Princess so many times ("I'm doing so great on my own Melissa. For instance, I just found this can of beans" [Finn and Jake knock over the beans in slow motion] "My BEANS!!!")

    Uncle Tusky, I will stand by you and this amazing website. I hope that when I grow up, Adventure Time will still be going strong, and this website will be there to share it with the world.


    1. my siblings and i do the same exact thing :)

  4. Uncle Tusky,

    I almost cried when I read your message about the government shutting down the videos. This website had brought me nothing but pure joy everyday. When I first found it, my only thought were,
    "my eyes have been opened...
    my soul has been rejuvenated...
    my testes have been tickled beyond joy...
    life has meaning now."
    I would sit down after a hard day and just instantly be filled with happiness when watching an episode of adventure time. God bless you for what you do, man. You will have my full support through all of this. Adventure Time shall live on, on the Goddamn-kids website!

  5. My little sister isn't allowed to watch television so we'd sit down at my laptop and watch Adventure Time here on Goddamn kids after she'd done her homework. It was great being able to spend that time with her but now I'm having to try and explain to her (an by extension, the rest of my family who has also fallen in love with the show) why the videos are no longer available. She is too young to understand the real reasons why they are not available. But I hope the people responsible for shutting this down are aware they are making little girls cry all over the world.
    Stay strong GoddamnKids.

  6. As I've thought about the US shutting down MegaUpload throughout the day, I've gotten progressively more upset. I don't live in the USA. I live in Canada, though, and we're effected by you guys all the time. SOPA, PIPA, and this recent shut down are deeply disturbing, almost disgusting to me.
    In the country South of my border I always thought it was important to lobby for freedom. Apparently not.
    I've been lobbying against PIPA and SOPA and censorship as much as I can considering that I don't live within your borders.
    Anyway. I'm in a ranty mood today, forgive me.
    Thank you for being so wonderful, I wish I had thanked you earlier. Whatever happens, I'll remember you as really amazing.

  7. Thank you for everything you've done. If it wasn't for you, I never would have gotten into Adventure Time... I have Cartoon Network, I could just never catch the show when it was on. Plus, I wanted to watch it from the beginning. I had looked online for the episodes but came up with nothing, so I gave up and didn't think about the show for a while.

    A few weeks ago, my friend told me I would LOVE the show and encouraged me to continue my search. That's when I found this great little blog... I started from the beginning, and in a few days had seen all of it! Adventure Time has a new fan because of you, and because of this blog. To think, if I had been just a few weeks later, chances are I would never have given the show a full chance. And now, Pendleton Ward has a new life-long fan, because of you and your supreme awesomeness at keeping this blog going. I'm truly happy I found it when I did.

    There is a lot of stress in my life at the moment, things that are out of control, situations where I feel helpless and trapped. These episodes have helped me in this time, giving me something to look forward to and making me happy. For that, I thank you. It's a shame Megavideo has been taken down, but I'll still be here, supporting whatever decisions you make. :3

  8. You have done a great service to the show and it's fans. I know that your intentions were pure and fantastically executed. If you ever need back up on the east coast- we've gotcha.

    -The Goldview

  9. there is not other video host?......... this is sad how USA its getting the law but affects the rest of the world, funny thing many mexicans wont have this problem

  10. I'm living abroad in France and loved watching Adventure Time for a quirky little taste of home at the end of the day. Thank you, my brother, for for happiness you have shared with me; and may the world grant us all the chance to grab our friends and go to very distant lands.

  11. this site is the only way I can watch it! the airing times in hawaii are not convenient for me :( boo internet suppressors!

  12. http://www.watchcartoononline.com/adventure-time-season-3-episode-11a-marcelines-closet

    if you can procure these episodes for repost, this might be of use to you.

  13. Whatever happens in the future is up to you buddy, but I have to say a massive thanks for what you have done in the past. Would never have seen all these great episodes if it weren't for you. Cheers to uncle tusky! *the entire comment section joins in with a hearty cheers*

  14. thank you so much uncle Tusky. thank you

  15. When The Leaves BlowJanuary 21, 2012 at 9:43 PM

    Just got a little feel right there [point's]

    Dont have anything to say to shocked D:

  16. Uncle Tusky,

    I too, like iliahi, live in Hawaii and cannot see Adventure Time on the television when I would like. The timings for television shows are inconvenient, and DVRs and tevo boxes are expensive. Through your site I have been able to watch Adventure Time with my teenage nephew, and in the process grow closer and have something to share together, in the evenings when we are both free. (He from school and I from work). May the lumpin' fun never end.

  17. and the version of adventure time aired in mexico ITS REAAAAAAAAAALLY CENSORED................. DONT GIVE UP MAN!(he/she i dont know)

    anyways stay mathmatical

  18. stay tune uncle tusky i and lots of other goddamn viwers still believe you can still run this page, please dont give up!

    you're beloved goddamn viewer,
    Feel like a finn

  19. You could use the file sharing sites sockshare / putlocker.com, I generally watch videos from there when I watch movies / tv from 1channel.ch

  20. Uncle Tusky!
    Thanks averithing! This blog wase my best 11minit in every week.
    Im a sculptor from Hungary, and it is my favorite cartoon!
    Im inspirated also from Adventure Time!
    It was a pleasure!

  21. Dear Uncle Tusky,

    You've developed a loyal following not only to Adventure Time, but to your blog, one of our often under appreciated escapes from reality. So thank you, regardless of whether we can still watch this show on your blog, for your continuous efforts and patience with us as viewers.

    You have our support and gratitude for your hard work.


  22. Uncle Tusky,
    Thanks a lot man for spreading the love of Adventure Time. Because of my hectic schedule in life, I caught up with all the episodes because of your website. I really got into this cartoon because of your website.

    Peace and love dude,
    Fan of Adventure time

  23. Tusky!
    Thanks beyond belief for sharing adventure time, always been my favourite show and being able to watch it online when i dont have a tv has kept me sane through university and new jobs. Although it would be awesome if you found a way to continue, wish you the best if you dont! :)

    Sam x

  24. When I came home from school i'd kick back and watch adventure time. When I got a job that took it away from me. When I found this site it returned it to me. And now my government tries to take away one of the few things in life I love... Cruel Irony
    <3 Ryan
    P.S. Never Surrender till the cows come home

  25. Dear Uncle Tusky
    Your awesome for putting adventure time on here and now I can watch it on my I-pod thanks <3 Codename: Alpha


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