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Friday, February 18, 2011

Adventure Time - 21a - The Real You

Finn has to give a speech at Princess Bubblegum's science barbecue and seeks a quick fix to make himself smarter. 

Adventure Time - 20b - The Silent King

Finn becomes the king of a goblin clan in order to prevent a conflict, but their strange rules prove to be not of his liking. 

Adventure Time - 20a - The Pods

Finn and Jake are assigned to plant three magical beans, but have problems figuring which of the beans is evil.

Adventure Time - 19b - Her Parents

Jake's relationship with Lady Rainicorn is in danger when he promises to meet with her parents, as both species had a long history of war with each other.

Adventure Time - 19a - The Chamber of Frozen Blades

Whilst the Ice King goes out to take a pregnant Gunther to the hospital, Finn and Jake decide to sneak inside his lair and flex their ninja skills.

Adventure Time - 18b - To Cut A Woman's Hair

Finn must get a lock of hair from a princess to save Jake from the balding Tree Witch, but this task proves harder than expected, and ends up revealing his biggest secret.

Adventure Time - 18a - The Other Tarts

Finn and Jake volunteer to help Princess Bubblegum with a dangerous assignment: toting rare tarts for the back rubbing ceremony. 

Adventure Time - 17b - Crystals Have Power

Jake challenges his inopportune pledge of nonviolence to save Finn from crystaline dimension outlaws who are working for someone the two thought to had died.

Adventure Time - 17a - Power Animal

Jake must stay focused in order to rescue Finn, who has been kidnapped by a gang of evil gnomes bent on turning Ooo upside down.

Adventure time - 16b - Slow Love

Finn and Jake try to woo a group of lady snails in order to save their treehouse from a giant snail named Snorlock.

Adventure Time - 16a - Storytelling

While sick and stuck in bed, Jake wants Finn to tell him a story to make him feel better. 

Adventure Time - 15b - Blood Under The Skin

After receiving a splinter on his finger, Finn seeks the Magical Armor of Zelderon for protection, but cannot take the embarrassment.

Adventure Time - 15a - Loyalty to the King

The Ice King shaves his beard after a princess "breaks up" with him, but when his new look proves to attract other princesses, he capitalizes on the unexpected opportunity. 

Adventure Time - 14b - The Eyes

Finn and Jake are kept awake by a horse that does nothing but stare at them with its big eyes.

Adventure Time - 14a - It Came from the Nightosphere

Finn releases Marceline's estranged father from the Nightosphere, but ends up having to stop him from stealing all the souls in Ooo.

Adventure Time - 13b - The Gut Grinder

Finn and Jake pursue a havoc-wreaking "Gut Grinder," but Jake suspects he himself might be the culprit.

Adventure Time - 13a - His Hero

The great warrior Billy inspires Finn and Jake to practice nonviolence, but the duo finds it difficult to resist old ways.

Adventure Time - 12b - What Have You Done?

For unknown reasons, Princess Bubblegum tells Finn and Jake to capture the Ice King as their prisoner, but when they interrogate him they think that he's innocent. 

Adventure Time - 12a - Rainy Day Daydream

Stuck indoors due to a rain storm, Finn discovers that Jake can make his imagination come to life, causing chaos in the treehouse. 

Adventure Time - 11b - Donny

Finn and Jake help a bullying grass ogre named Donny turn his life around, without realizing the ecological damage they may be causing in the process. 

Adventure Time - 11a - The Duke

Finn turns Princess Bubblegum green and bald, and faces a moral quandary--whether to confess his mistake and be hated by his friend forever, or let Princess Bubblegum wrongly accuse the Duke of Nuts instead. 

Adventure Time - 10b - Dungeon

Finn's headstrong decision to explore a dungeon in defiance of Jake and Princess Bubblegum's warnings puts him in great danger.

Adventure Time - 10a - Henchman

Finn takes the place as Marceline's new henchman, but finds it hard to obey her evil ways.

Adventure Time - 09b - Freak City

After being transformed into a foot by a magic man, Finn joins forces with a band of misfits to fix the problem. 

Adventure Time - 09a - When Wedding Bells Thaw

The Ice King suppresses his kidnapping urges to wed a suspicious bride and convinces Finn and Jake to throw him a manlorette party. 

Adventure Time - 08b - Ocean Of Fear

Jake tries to help Finn overcome his fear of the ocean.

Adventure Time - 08a - What Is Life?

Finn builds a pie-throwing robot to seek revenge against Jake, but the machine's conscience is conflicted by the will of the Ice King when he was attacked by his private particles.

Adventure Time - 07b - The Witch's Garden

Jake loses his enthusiasm for adventure when a witch strips him of his powers as a penalty for trespassing in her garden.

Adventure Time - 07a - City of Thieves

When confronted by the Tree Witch over how uncorruptible he is, Finn enters the City of Thieves with Jake to confront a thief king who has been stealing from little girls. However, staying pure of heart within the city proves to be easier said than done. 

Adventure Time - 06b - Evicted

Finn and Jake search the land of Ooo for a new home after Marceline claims the duo's treehouse as her own. 

Adventure Time - 06a - Wizard

Finn and Jake are coaxed by a skeleton man to enroll in a course for free magic powers, but are ultimately tricked into helping stop an asteroid. 

Adventure Time - 05b - Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Finn reflects on an upsetting experience in his past and pledges to help everyone in need, but this proves more difficult than imagined. 

Adventure Time - 05a - My Two Favorite People

Jake feels overwhelmed at not having enough time for Finn and Lady Rainicorn, so he tries to get them to hang out more, leading to disaster between the two friends. 

Adventure Time - 04b - Business Time

Finn and Jake fall victim to their own laziness when they delegate their adventuring responsibilities to a group of businessmen thawed from an iceberg. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adventure Time - 04a - Ricardio The Heart Guy

Finn grows jealous of Princess Bubblegum's heart-shaped admirer and sets out to prove its evil intentions. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adventure Time - 03b - The Jiggler

 A jiggly creature attracted by Finn's auto-tuned singing follows Finn and Jake home but soon feels ill effects of separation from its family.

Adventure Time - 03a - The Enchiridion!

Finn and Jake go on a quest for a magical book that would prove them worthy of being righteous heroes.

Adventure Time - 02b - Tree Trunks

Finn and Jake join Tree Trunks in search for the rare Crystal Gem Apple, but question whether Tree Trunks has what it takes to adventure. 

Adventure Time - 02a - Prisoners of Love

When the Ice King kidnaps a number of princesses he sees as potential brides, Finn and Jake team with the prisoners to set everybody free. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adventure Time - 01b - Trouble In Lumpy Space

Finn must travel to Lumpy Space to find a cure that will save Jake, who was accidentally bitten by Lumpy Space Princess at a tea party. 

Adventure Time - 01a - Slumber Party Panic

Finn and Princess Bubblegum must protect the Candy Kingdom from a horde of candy zombies they accidentally created.